Other Vinegar Specialties

Other Vinegar Specialties

No kitchen is complete without the essentials! VOM FASS offers high quality vinegars from the finest red and white grape varieties indispensable for pickling, deglazing, and creating marinades and sauces. We also offer a unique herb vinegar that is delightful over salads and steamed vegetables. Stop in to sample them all and choose a bottle (or bring your own) to fill with your favorite!

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Vinegar: Universal and Versatile

Vinegar has been around for thousands of years, discovered naturally by allowing the juice of grapes to age into wine and then eventually age into vinegar. This multi-purpose, indispensable liquid is a natural, non-toxic and biodegradable preservative that has long been prized for it's medicinal properties that reduce itch, soothe swelling, and can be used as a topical or oral cleanser and disinfectant in a variety of ways.

For the internal body, drinking vinegar regularly, particularly first thing in the morning, is ideal to stimulate metabolism and digestion. Today, vinegar drinks are the latest trend in premium-class gastronomy. They have taken over beverages such as sherry, champagne or fruit brandies as an aperitif or digestif.

Our vinegar specialties include some of the more commonly known varieties yet are produced with the exceptional quality and standards of VOM FASS. We also offer some products specifically unique to VOM FASS such as our Balsamic Pearls which are literally bursting with flavor and create a beautiful vision when added to any cuisine.